Come hang out with me during Tony Award weekend!!

I’m doing something called The Broadway Spectacular and it includes airfare, hotel THREE Broadway shows and tons of shows I’m putting on just for that weekend! Interviews with Broadway stars, a cabaret with my fave Broadway divas, my Deconstructing show, my self-written trivia contest AND we’ll all watch the Tony Awards on a big TV with me hosting (and making sassy asides and giving you inside info!)

It’s on the weekend of June 8th and all the info is here


DISASTER!  is a 1970’s disaster movie musical featuring all of your favorite songs from the decade, as well as your favorite 1970’s movie disasters. It’s 1979 and the partygoers at a glamorous casino docked in the Hudson river suddenly have to deal with an earthquake, fire, tidal wave, killer bees and more! Who will survive? Who will find love? Who will sing the best 1970’s hit song? Find out at…DISASTER!

Written by me and Jack Plotnick.  Directed/choreographed by Denis Jones

Reopening soon!

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My young adult book was just published by Random House!!!

(Also avail in eBook/Kindle!)

Perfect if you are or ever were a teenager…

Justin has two goals for sophomore year: to date Chuck, the hottest boy in school, and to become the king of Cool U, the table in the cafeteria where the “in” crowd sits.

Unfortunately, he has the wrong look (short, plump, Brillo-pad curls), he has the wrong interests (Broadway, chorus violin), and he has the wrong friends (Spencer, into Eastern religions, and Mary Ann,  who doesn’t shave her armpits). And Chuck? Well, he’s not gay; he’s dating Becky, a girl in chorus with whom Justin is friendly.

But Justin is determined.

In detention one day (because he saw Chuck get it first), Justin comes up with a perfect plan: to allow Becky to continue dating Chuck, whom Becky’s dad hates. They will pretend that Becky is dating Justin, whom Becky’s dad loves. And when Becky and Justin go out on a fake date, Chuck will meet up with them for a real date with Becky. Chuck’s bound to find Justin irresistable, right? What could go wrong?

Seth Rudetsky’s first novel for young adults is endearingly human, and laugh-out-loud funny, and any kid who ever aspired to Cool U will find Justin a welcome ally in the fight for popularity.

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Seth’s Broadway Chatterbox; Don’t Tell Mama every Thursday at 6PM

Here for more info

Thursday April 12th  Melissa Errico

Raul Esparaza impromptu singing at the Chatterbox!

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Me and Sarah Silverman on SETH SPEAKS!

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Be in the audience for SETH SPEAKS, the weekly talk show on SIRIUS/XM Stars 107.

Celebs, Singing, Dishing.

The show tapes every Wednesday at 5PM   (except the last Wednesday of the month). It airs Sundays at 5PM Join my Facebook Fan Page to find out upcoming guests and how to get tickets to see it live!

Seth Speaks Facebook Page


Brady Bunch Variety Hour WILL be deconstructed!

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SETH’S BIG FAT 70’s SHOW in Provincetown!

For this show, I’ll be focusing on the fantastic variety shows from the 70’s. Liza not blinking throughout a fully-belted medley, Donny and Marie being forced to dance while introducing all of their guest stars and most importantly, the short-lived but mind-boggling series: The Brady Bunch Variety Hour. The show debuted in 1977 and was (not suprisingly) cancelled the same year, but there are nine delicious episodes that merit severe analysis. You will explore: The bedazzled outfits, the horribly executed dance steps, the swimming pool (ripped off from Donny and Marie’s Ice Skating Rink), the disco song medleys including “Shake Your Booty” and the hot budding romance between Alice the maid and and real estate agent played by… Rip Taylor. Plus, a special section focusing on the moving sub-plot of Greg moving out of the house (in his mid-twenties) and Carol Brady’s ensuing depression…all enacted in song. Finally, most shockingly, you will see the singing and dancing fake Jan!

At the Art House in Provincetown this summer!




I’m bringing my own private video and audio collection to Ohio AND California! I will show you how to differentiate between what’s vocally amazing (Patti LuPone in EVITA) and what’s a vocal travesty (Madonna singing the same material).

Gavin Creel, Betty Buckley, Carly Simon, The Pajama Game, Melba Moore…ALL will be deconstructed.

Video highlights (lowlights?) include the mercifully short-lived BRADY BUNCH VARIETY HOUR and Cher singing all the roles in WEST SIDE STORY. Believe or not, you’ll see it!

Cleveland on April 26th -



Master Classes!

WHAT: This is a class I’ve been teaching around the country.

Here are some of the things I address:

Get the right cut of the song you’re auditioning with…stop singing the wrong 16 bars!

Stop hating the song you’re auditioning with.  So many people have a signature song that they no longer enjoy singing.  I help people learn to love their song.

These questions are also answered:

How do I end this song?

What do I think about when I’m singing?

Where the h*ll do I look when I audition?

What should I do with my body/hands?

Can I sing this particular song at an audition for (fill in the blank)?


Come learn to love auditioning!!!!

Once you’ve paid thru the paypal link, email your name to

You will get a confirmation email back

BRING SHEET MUSIC (audition songs…) and something to record with

Cost: $100… payable in advance…right here!